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Parking in Metro Manila:  Solved.

Coming to BGC - Bonifacio Global City

Parkza is a Prestige Parking app for on demand valet driver who will pick up your car, park it, and return it directly to you anytime, anywhere in our service zones in Metro Manila.

Here's how it works:

1.  Request a valet in our service zone through the app or via sms.

2.  Tell us your destination, and a trusted and experienced valet driver will be there at the exact time you arrive.  

3.  Our driver will safely park your car in a secured garage or parking slot.

4.  Request your car -- or schedule a return -- and we'll bring your car back to you when you're ready to start driving again.

Also available Prestige Enterprise, event valet services and on-demand parking for your entire company -- making parking easy for your employees, visitors or guests to smile about.  

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